Importance of Effective Correctional Education

Prisoners require more effectual correctional educational programs. More than 600,000 inmates are released every year and therefore rehabilitation plays a significant role in their behavior. Here prison education acts as the best rehabilitation tool. However, the accessibility and quality of education vary. The current situation of prisons needs qualified teachers and funding incentives. The vast

7 Ways to support inmates behind the bars

There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to support inmates in prisons. You will find quite a few organizations and individual advocates who are working on these issues. Though not everyone is blessed or cursed, therefore, one should avail the opportunities to get involved in advocacy and support for inmates. You

Five ways to improve life in prison

A prominent part of the population lives in prison where routinely life is fierce, humiliating and disheartening. According to the study conducted in 2010, the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics found that around three-quarter of the prisoners released from 30 jails got arrested again for new crimes in the five years of their release. Therefore

10 Ways to improve the situation of prison’s staff

10 Ways to improve the situation of prison’s staff If you have a control over your workplace, what can be that massive change you would like to bring? We asked this question to many correctional officers to see what they want to change in the correctional facilities and the correction profession in overall. Also, we

Things you can send to your loved ones in prison

Things you can send to your loved ones in prison Every inmate’s family know the fact that their beloved ones are not provided with comforts at the jail. This is primarily due to the strict communication limitations that are placed in almost every prison around the world. Those days are gone when inmates were provided

Life After Prison is not a bed of Roses

Life After Prison – Short Story of German Boy Michael Santos Once he’s discharged from jail in Germany, he’d like to create the use of his freedom. There are a variety of factors which determine the probability of successful rehabilitation. Prisoners develop emotionally throughout their detention is key. It is seen as a factor in

Federal Prison Inmate Locator

Federal Prison Inmate Locator isn’t a hectic process when you’ve access to a Federal Inmate locator. You will find the particulars of any inmate inmate incarcerated from 1982 to the present with this tool. When the person was discharged from prison years they provides an idea that is exact and have the inmate records from the

Prisoner Legal Rights in United States

When your beloved one is sent to prison, you must be worried about the settings in the prison that might affect both their psychological and physical health. We cannot deny the fact that the environment in a jail is challenging. Despite the crime an inmate commits, their rights cannot be overstepped. It’s crucial for everyone

Felon Voting Rights in United States

Courtesy by FelonVoting.Procon Felon Voting Felon Voting Second of all, state statutes concerning felons suffrage vary considerably. And on the other hand ban felons from voting. Most of the rest of the states statutes restore a felon’s voting privileges once he\/she has served his\/her sentence. Third, state statutes relating to felons suffrage are in flux.