Do Inmates Have Rights?

The rights of inmates are different depending on where they are imprisoned and at which stage of the criminal process they are. For instance, inmates that are pre-trial stage are not allowed to be punished or treated in a way similar to other convicted criminals. However, some of the general rights that are applicable to

Prison Work Programs

As per the study conducted by the National Institute of Justice, prisoners who are provided with an opportunity to engage in work programs find it comparatively easier to get work when they are released. Convicts who work for private organizations in the period of their imprisonment can get employment more quickly and for long lasting.

Key Elements of a Successful Inmate Reentry Program

Where many convicts are imprisoned, many are released as well. However, when they are released, they might not have any clue about their future and here inmates’ reentry programs can serve a significant purpose. In this article, we have identified four major characteristics that can assist state agencies to use resources in a more effective

Treatment of Inmates in Prisons

The multiple aspects of correctional facilities have significant implications for treating inmates in this environment. This article highlights the most noticeable issues affecting the treatment of a number of inmate population in prisons. The article also looks for some of the recommendations to treat particular populations and at system issues that can affect the overall

How to become a good correctional officer

Correctional officers are required to work directly in correctional facilities such as prisons. They are accountable to make the prisoners follow all the rules and regulations of the prison. Also, they are responsible for security checks and keep an eye on the activities of prisoners on regular basis. In order to perform their jobs most

10 Most Unusual Prisons in the World

A prison is a place where you are isolated and deprived of several necessities. Anyone who commits a crime and is found guilty by the state is sent to the prison. The term “prison” is referred to many other terms such as a correctional facility, remand center or penitentiary. All of them represent a prison.

Top 10 Issues in Correctional Facilities

A prison is a terrifying place that comes with a lot of challenges for both correctional facility and inmates residing there. In this article, we will be highlighting the common issues observed in most prisons around the world that need to be considered or else the situation can get worse. Here you go with the

Making Peace in Prison Possible by adopting following ways

Yoga and Meditation Yoga and meditation are being taught in correctional facilities around the world with notable results thus giving inmates an opportunity for personal transformation under difficult situations. You may find it surprising that a cell is a perfect place to learn about yourself and go through the processes in your mind and know

Use Cheap Inmate Calls and take benefit of this facility

The communication is the center estimations of human instinct. The significant distinction between an inmate and free individual is the distinction of access to open communication. Inmate calls or the Inmate calling service has been planned on exceptional premise to make it more temporary for the utilization of inmates at prisons or remedial offices. Inmate